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The driver's glasses  increase the level of driving safety during the day and at night. They protect not only from the bright sun, but also from the glare of the headlights of other vehicles. To get additional details, view here: best nighttime driving glasses

Polarized glasses for the driver  are especially popular  - the lenses contain a special filter, when passing through which bright reflections are scattered and do not injure the retina. By the way, they do not affect visual acuity.

What driver glasses to buy?

·         Frame. It should be comfortable, not squeeze the temples or the bridge of the nose. The presence of nose pads and rubber pads on the temples is mandatory. The temples are mounted to the top or bottom of the glasses, and not in the middle - this expands the viewing angle. It is better to take narrow bows - they will not block the side view.

·         Lens material.  Night glasses for drivers  can be made of glass or plastic. Glass gives a better picture, but is less safe and can injure the driver, so plastic is worth choosing.

·         UV protection. Please note if the  driver's goggles are  labeled "UF-protection". They provide good sun protection.

·         Type of tinting.  Antiglare goggles  are available with different types of toning: brown, yellow, blue, red. Most motorists buy dots with yellow lenses - they are designed to be worn at dusk. They cut off the blue color spectrum and increase the contrast of the picture. They are good for foggy and rainy weather. But at night it is better to ride in glasses with brown tint - in them the driver will be more comfortable.

·         Availability of interchangeable lenses. You can  buy anti-glare glasses for drivers  with a set of interchangeable lenses of different colors. Change them depending on the weather and time of day. Very comfortably.

·         Light transmission. It should be more than 75% according to international standards. Glasses that are completely transparent or very dark are not suitable. 



·         Anti-scratch protection. Even in the case, the glasses will move, which means that scuffs and scratches will inevitably appear on the lenses. It is better to choose models with a protective coating.

KAITHDYA Polarized Driver Glasses (4 Colors)

Someone writes that small glasses are actually a little more even. I am very glad, delivery is a month, the glass from the inside is not very dark as it should be. The exterior is luxurious. There is a box, a cloth and a square for checking the polarization.

Men's glasses driver AOWEAR

Excellent glasses. Good quality. It is comfortable to ride in them both in cloudy weather and in the dark, in sunny times they will also come in handy. The only thing I thought would be a little more glasses.

Polarized driver glasses COOLPANDAS (5 colors)

Finally they came, I am writing this, because I was really looking forward to it. I thought there would be more. The quality is excellent, there is polarization. temples with springs. They even sit well on my face with a broken nose. You don't even need to fold anything or anything. In short, I am satisfied. I advise.

Best driver glasses and more MX (3 colors)

Delivery in a month. Packaged well. Bubble wrap, cardboard box, factory packaging, hard case. The temples of the glasses are spring-loaded and even. Quality glasses.

YOSOLO anti-headlights (4 colors)

Delivery 3 weeks. Everything is super !!!! I recommend the seller !!! Points bomb, now the light of oncoming cars is not a problem !!!




  The driver's glasses   increase the level of driving safety during the day and at night. They protect not only from the bright sun, ...